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Energy Shopper

In most parts of the United States, industrial and commercial consumers can shop for energy products: electricity, natural gas and other fuels. You might not know that residential customers in many parts of the country, can shop for these energy products as well. Select an energy product to get started.


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Natural Gas

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Current State of Regulation

Shopping opportunities, regulations and market structures are different in every state.


About Energy Shopper was formed to be an independent source of information, services and products. Our information is researched and approved by experts in the various industries, however, we endeavor to present all information and data in as unbiased and equitable way as possible. If you find bias in our information, your are incouraged to contact us through this website and we will review your comments and make adjustments as our panel advises. We do not hold any political affiliation, although at times a political group or groups may have common goals. We do not raise moneys for politial causes, nor do we accept moneys for the purpose of swaying our messaging. We do not fund any political groups or candidates.

The information we provide about energy related products and services is based upon the best facts we have at our disposal - our industry experts include those active in private sector markets as well as public policy experts and academic experts who are not direct market participants. We will report on environmental impact and the benefits of conservation, however, we are aware of differing points of view on many of the topics presented here and we will not advocate one view over another. That said, if we believe there is overwhelming consensus across multiple disciplines on certain topics, we reserve the right to present information which is biased toward prevailing science.

Our mission is to provide a public service. It is not the intention of this site to provide a forum to discuss facts which we believe are self-evident or proven by the scientific community beyond reasonable doubt. To that end, if you find the information presented counter to your world view, we apologize. However, facts matter. Human beings require acurate, unbiased data to make sound decisions. That was the genesis of this platform and we shall endeavor to uphold this ideal.

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