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For more than a century, our cars, trucks and motorcycles have reshaped our lives, redefined our way of life and made our individual worlds a lot bigger. Our grandfather's (or maybe great grandfathers depending on your age) were born into a world that barely had self propelled vehicles. Their first car might have been a horse. Now we all zip around in refined vehicles with advanced technology. Here's somethings you need to know as an educated consumer.

Gasoline cars

Our old reliable automobile. There's a lot of innovation still happening with this technology.

Plugin Hybrids

A great alternative to both gas vehicles and electric vehicles is the growing range of hybrid vehicles, both plugin and non plugin varieties.

Electric Cars

If you're all-in on electric, here are your choices and some information you should know.

Other Vehicles

Other fuels like deisel are a viable alternative, as are Fuel Cell cars which are soon to be available. The rest of what you should know is here.

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