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Energy: It's critical to our lives

We take it for granted. Our lights go on, our houses are heated and our cars take us where we want to go. Our magical devices we rely upon all have one common thread: energy. When a disaster blacks out our neighborhoods, it becomes clear how critical energy is to our lives and how much our way of life depends upon it. exists to provide clear, unbiased information to consumers about every issue connected to the energy we use in our lives: from electricity to natural gas, from the cars we drive to alternative energy sources. Our agenda is to inform. We do not accept funding from any energy provider. We are not promoting any one technology, old or new. We want to be your clear guide to our energy future.


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That is the question today, isn't it?

For a clear analysis of the energy related new of the day, check in at to see what our experts think. Then judge for yourself.

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If the financial market reports and graphs on economic and investment websites ever made your eyes cross, then you'll be happy to know that ours won't. Get the information you need without a economics degree.

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Energy will offer a small selection of fun and useful stuff in our online store. Since is relies on private funding sales will help keep our virtual doors open. Thanks for your support!  

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You can support our efforts! is a free resource for anyone interested in getting sound information in an accessible format, free from the biases of sponsorships or corporate owners. To continue to get the best research, writing and to keep our site alive and well, we hope to sell a few hats and T-Shirts and hopefully some other products that we vet as being appropriate to our mission.

If you would like to be a patron of our site, we'd love it, with the understanding that if you are affiliated with an energy company, a car company or any other industry player, your identity and affiliation will be screened from our staff and no advertisement will appear as a result of your contribution. Any donor is welcome and we do appreciate your support but donations must have no strings attached or we, respectfully, cannot accept them.

Please know that no donation is too small and none is ever required! If you want our site to thrive, however, your contribution will go to good use!

We are also happy to receive contributions of articles and research information to add to our database and our online resources. You information will have to be researched and our editorial staff reserves the right to include or not include any materials submitted. Also, at this time, we cannot offer remuneration for your submissions and once placed on our site, they become our property with an acknowledgement to the author (legal stuff we have to say!).

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